The lab specializes in application of fluorescence and mechanical measurements from whole cells to single molecules. We are a multidisciplinary lab drawing upon core techniques in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Mechanobiology, Super Resolution imaging and Genomics.




Gene expression, the transfer of the genetic code into cellular proteins is one of the most fundamental processes in living cells. This process is orchestrated by RNA polymerases, which are highly regulated to ensure correct expression. A breakdown in this regulation leads to development disabilities and most notably cancer formation. Furthermore, changes in expression control embryonic development and stem cell differentiation.


Over the past decade it has become established that Myosin Motors are present in the nucleus acting as transcription regulators.


This lab takes a multidisciplinary approach to dissect the behavior of these molecular motors and there roles in disease.


Latest News

Feb 2019: New Grant - Royal Society International Exchange Award with Percipalle lab at NYU Abu Dhabi

Dec 2018: Rosie Gough joins the lab as a post-doc.

Sept 2018: Hannah, Laura and Ioannis join us for MSc Research projects

Sept 2018: Alex presents at the International Chromosome Conference in Prague

July 2018: We welcome Nuffield students to the lab for the summer

Mar 2018: The lab is awarded STFC programme access for the Central Laser Facility

Jan 2018: Our new work is published in Biochem Biophy Res Commun - Well done Alex!

Jan 2018: Chris Toseland becomes and eLife Ambassador

Jan 2018: New Grant: Cancer Research UK Pioneer Award

Dec 2017: Our work in Nature Communications was selected for Biomedical Picture of the Day

Dec 2017: Our work is highlighted in Impact

Dec 2017: Our new work is published in Nature Communications

Oct 2017: Bjork joins the lab to start her MSc.

July 2017: Lab's first paper accepted in Scientific Reports - Well done Alia!

July 2017: Zu Ri Yong (Sabrina) begins her summer studentship

July 2017: Lab awarded a Royal Society International Exchange grant to work with Florian Rehfeldt